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In Advance Dj Course we teach you Vinyl Dj & Launchpad.

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What is Vinyl DJing?


Vinyl DJing is the use of gramophone records such as LPs, 45s,16s and turntables as a means to mix tracks and DJ.The term vinyl comes from the fact that such records are made from (PVC). 

What is a launchpad?

A launchpad is a midi device which is primarily used to launch clips in Ableton Live (FL studio as well). It can also be used as a midi controller in other softwares such as Traktor Pro, as a Keyboard, as a Drum machine, etc.


Course Specifics:


This is an advance dj course to enable a student to play and master Turntables & Launchpad.


Course Duration:

48 classes,1.5 Hr per class.

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Course Contents

Introduction to equipment•Connecting equipment•Cueing •Beat Matching

Using Equalizer•Making custom slip mats•Marking records•Syncing two records•Chop Mixing •ExtBreaks •Mixer technique •Needle Placement 

•The Basic scratch•Quarter,Eighth & Sixteenth note •Continues eighth note •Whole & half note •Tears•Drags & Transforms •Stab •Back Stab

•Combine both hands. 

MIDI Preferences Session View OverviewRecording & Quantizing a BeatEditing MIDI ClipsMelodic Note ModeExpression ControlsThe Mixer ModesDevice ModeDeeper into Device ModeDevice Mode AutomationThe User ModeCreative MIDI MappinThe Setup PageMIDI Prefs RevisitedControlling a SynthControlling a GrooveboxBasic DJ SetupAdvanced DJ SetupUsing StemsAdvanced LED FeedbackDJ Booking/PromotionsWatch videos of DJ championship•How to record your first  demo track.

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