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What is Digital Music Production?


Digital or Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production. In general a distinction can be made between sound produced using electro mechanical means and that produced using electronic technology.Today electronic music includes many varieties and ranges from experimental art music to popular forms such as electronic dance music.


Course Specifics:


If you are interested in making & playing the music you want, then it is crucial to master music production skills.The creative production process in Ableton music production course will facilitate you in producing variety of electronic & dance music genres, such as Hip Hop,House, Electro & more.


Course Duration:


10 Months, 2 Days in a week, 1.5 Hr per class & Total of 80 classes.

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Course Contents


•First Look at Ableton Live

•Session View

•Intro to Session View

•From Session to Arrange

•Thinking in Scenes

•Intro to the Mixer


•Introduction to pattern        based drum programming

•Classic drum machine           techniques

•Programming 16 step beats   in a range of styles

•How to use of swing  shuffle to add feel to your    beats

•Live Browsers

•Device Browser

•Plug-In Browser

•Three File Browsers

•Bookmarks & Search

•Hot Swap Browser

•The Control Bar

•Tempo & Meter Section

•Transport Section

•Global Quantize & Draw         Mode

•Loop & Punch Modes

•Computer Keyboard for         MIDI

•Key & MIDI Mapping

•Control Bar Monitors

•Detail View

•Track Detail View

•Clip Detail View

•Arrange View

•First Look at Arrangement     View

•The Arrangement Mixer

•Arrangement Navigation

•Basic Arrangement Editing

•Clip Editing in Arrangement

•Understanding & Using             Warp Markers

•Understanding Warp

•Warp Modes & Warp                 Markers

•Clip Parameters

•Basic Clip Parameter

•Launch Modes

•Follow Actions

•Audio Clip Sample                    Parameter editing

•Impulse Basics

•Simpler Basics

•Operator Basics

•Sampler Basics

•Analog Basics

•Electric Basics

•Tension Basics

•MIDI & Audio Effects

•Using MIDI & Audio Devices


•Audio FX

•Using Third-Party Plug-Ins


•Intro to Racks

•Macro Control

•Using Chains for Layers

•Lives New Drum Rack

•First Look at Drum Racks

•Advanced Drum Racks

•REX Loop Import

•Slicing Other Audio

•New in Ableton

•Movie Score & Export


•Time Signature Changes


•Audio Preferences

•MIDI & CPU Preferences

•View Key Commands

•Transport & Other Key           Commands

•Basic Sample Parameters

•Transpose & Clip Gain

•Adjusting the Warp Setting

•Waveform Playback               Positions

•Using the Set & Nudge             Buttons

•Clip Automation Envelopes

•Volume & Pan Automation

•Draw & Link Modes

•Automating Transposition

•Sample Offset Automation

•MIDI Clips

•Basic MIDI Note Editing

•Basic Drum Note Editing

•Recording MIDI Clips

•Clip Note Parameters

•Working in Arrange View

•Time Edits

•Arrangement Automation

•Device Automation

•Multiple Automation Lanes 


•Configuring Inputs & Tracks

•Multitrack Recording

•MIDI Inputs & Tracks

•Converting MIDI Tracks to       Audio

•Ableton Instruments

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